Bell Pepper ‘Tacos’


Ready for an original recipe?

Taco salads are fine and all, but its nice to have a little container for food sometimes.

Make some rice to serve alongside. (Another milestone I’ve achieved: I’ve made rice TWICE lately and it turned out perfectly!)

I used ground turkey, but ground beef or shredded pork or steak strips would work just as well. Season with taco seasoning.

Slice and remove seeds from a green bell pepper and place on a baking sheet.

Fill pepper with meat, or meat and rice, top with diced onions, and cover with pepperjack cheese.

Bake at 350 until the pepper looks cooked to your liking. Softer is better than undercooked, in my experience.

Top with more onions, a squirt of lime, some Greek yogurt, salsa, Sriracha, whathaveyou, and serve with more rice.

PS I’m a big fan of food that is just a mess on a plate. A ton of stuff in small pieces all mixed together isn’t really pretty to look at, but it tastes great to me!


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