Cauliflower-Crust Pizza


You know the smell of baking bread? You know how warm and wonderful it is? Some of us who have abandoned bread don’t get to smell that very much anymore. Believe it or not, a baking cauliflower-crust smells just about the same.

I followed the recipe here for the most part, but sort of made up my own measurements. I pretty much doubled her recipe for the crust, but used the entire head of cauliflower in the mixture. Since I don’t have a microwave, I just riced it in my food processor and left it on the stove over low heat, stirring occasionally, til it looked soft. I made a rectangular crust the size of a baking sheet and let it cook til it was pretty solid to the touch.

I did not use the broiler for the toppings. (I don’t have a good history with broilers). I just stuck it back in at the same temp.

It was very tasty and I’ll definitely make it again. The crust has a slightly quiche-y flavor, since it contains egg and cheese, but pizza toppings help distract from that. It reheats well in a cast-iron skillet for breakfast.


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