Dietary Changes

So it was about a month ago, nearing the time of my move, that I realized I had a Candida (yeast) problem, and needed to make some dietary adjustments. I’ve had a terrible sweet tooth my entire life, and the fact that I have great genes and a fast metabolism has made me believe that as long as I’m not getting fat, I can continue to eat whatever I want. I’ve learned that this isn’t true. Although I do eat well, I still consume a lot more sugar and dairy than my body needs, and this feeds the yeast. So I decided to adjust my diet to stop the symptoms I have and avoid them getting worse.

You can Google ‘candida diet’ if you’re interested in what it entails, but I’m not going to explain it all here.

For me now, the diet involves eliminating sugar, wheat, dairy, mushrooms, alcohol, peanuts, etc. It’s extremely restrictive at first, and combined with my near-vacant pantry, I was starving. Like, tummy fat gone, energy gone too, laying-in-bed-and-literally-picturing-delicious-food starving. It was pretty awful at first, but I committed to it and knew I would have to find ways not to be hungry all the time.

With lots of summer hours spent alone that last week or 2, it was easy to stick to the diet since there were no temptations. Being social and going out is another story. It’s especially tiresome to explain the diet to my friends, and convince them I’m not going to waste away. I think I understand how vegans feel now.

I’m continuing the diet but cheating a bit because it allows me more variety (and joy). I’m eating much better than before, so I believe it should still make a difference in my overall health. This diet isn’t for the rest of my life (I hope) so I should be able to enjoy my chocolate cheesecake again. The recipes you will find on this blog in the future will mostly be ones that adhere to my dietary restrictions. (Unless any of my friends need me to bake a dessert for them. Anyone?)


What do you think?

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